The popularity of coloring books is still growing and sales continue to rise…Here’s how YOU can get in on the game!

Announcing the….

Massive Resell Rights Coloring Pages Bundle


85 Unique Coloring Pages!

Even though this is such a huge market, the issue for many is putting these books together.

It can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Unless…you can get a head start!

Fear not! I have your solution.

This pack of 90 unique coloring pages can help you create faster which could potentially get you selling and profiting faster!

Marci Aurila

From the Desk Of Marci —¬†January 20, 2021


RE: Hot selling coloring book market


I adore coloring books!

I have been a graphic designer for 15 years, but an artist and creative all my life.

I love the creative process but am not always a ‘speedy’ creator.

This has been a frustrating point for me and I imagine it is for many other people. (possibly even you!).

That is why I designed this coloring pages bundle.


Check out what everyone is saying!


Forbes, T.E.D., Washington Post, Psychology Today, USA Today, The Atlantic, CNN, and so many others all agree on how popular coloring books are!

And consumers of course ūüôā

There are a huge number of Best-Sellers on Amazon and Etsy sellers are in this too!

Just look at this ONE store.

Online since 2016 and¬†already sold 16,669 items (at the time of the screenshot) Not all are coloring pages, but still, it’s phenomenal!

By getting this coloring pack, you can jump ahead of the game:

Here are some ideas you can quickly put together:

  • Coloring Journals

  • Quote Pages

  • Motivational Pages

  • Coloring Workbooks:

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring diet planner

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring fitness tracker book

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring travel journal

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring sermon¬†notes

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring baby arrival planner

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†coloring wedding planner¬†

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†and so much more!

  • Multi-use Books (think coloring + game books!)

  • Combine Patterns for Unique Pages

  • Add Patterns to Shapes

  • Use Patterns to Fill in Letters

20 ORIGINAL Mandalas created in Illustrator then saved as individual .pdf files.

From simple to ornate, hours of unique coloring fun await!

The 45 symmetrical images were partly created from the mandalas, but with many hours of additional design work added to make them truly unique!

Each has a life of its own!

20 repeating mini-patterns round out this coloring page pack.


Use these just as they are, or to fill in blank areas in bigger coloring images. Layer a circle over these to add a quote in the¬†middle (or¬†side, top, bottom…)!

What’s included in the Massive Coloring Pages Pack

with Resell Rights?

  • 85 High-Quality Coloring Pages

  • 20 Original Mandalas

  • 45 Unique Symmetrical Images

  • 20 Fun Mini-Patterns

  • Large 12 x 12 Inch Scalable Images

  • Did I Mention Scalable? ūüôā

  • Delivered in .PDF Format with each image bundled individually

  • Resell Rights License

Quality Assurance ** I personally assure you the quality is the same as for my own books. If you find any major (or minor) discrepancies, I will do my best to fix them.

New Bonus Videos!


Opening and Editing Coloring Page .pdf files in Photoshop

Compiling your book with InDesign

Compiling your book in PowerPoint

Signing Up for Create Space

Uploading your book to CreateSpace

Uploading your Book to Nook Press (Barnes and Noble)

Calculating your cover dimensions and spine width




How do I get this awesome Coloring Pages Pack?


You Click¬†‚ástThis Button¬†‚ástRight Now!

Massive Resell Rights Coloring Bundle

Time is precious, use it wisely. 

Do you really want to spend extra time creating images when you could have the advantage of owning these 85 original images to get you started?

P.S. Remember, you are getting 85 unique coloring pages to mix and match which could save you loads of time, resell rights, and launch special pricing that has a firm end date.

Q: What am I allowed to do with these coloring pages?

A: Check¬†it out below.¬†‚áď

  • [YES] Products may be sold as is.
  • [YES] Can add bonuses to the product(s) for sale.
  • [YES] Can be sold as a physical product.
  • [YES] Can be sold as a digital product.
  • [YES] You may use these as base images to create derivatives.
  • [YES] Can be added into membership sites.
  • [YES] Can be published offline.
  • [YES] Can use these in commercial projects.
  • [NO] You may not sell Resell Rights
  • [NO] You may not claim authorship